Our services - Interiors

Door made of old wood

Assorted doors and niches

To give a welcoming touch to your interior, we offer you a large choice of different doors: smooth or with panels in different wood varieties :

  • fir (smooth, heat-treated or forest salvage for more shades),
  • oak,
  • ash…

In order to save space, you can opt for sliding doors built into partitions, leaving both sides of the wall free.


In order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, why not cover your walls with wood paneling? Different widths of panels can be applied vertically or horizontally, depending on the size of the room and the desired effect. We can offer various different materials such as: classic fir (smooth, textured or brushed), heat-treated fir (smooth, textured or brushed), and kiln-seasoned forest salvage which has an aged and more contrasted appearance.

Panels in old wood

Parquet flooring

Glued or floating, laminated or solid, parquet is a material that is creates a pleasant living environment and is easy to maintain. We have an extensive range of models and colours, which allows you to create exactly the atmosphere you had in mind.


We offer you two alternatives: we can build and install a wooden staircase, or cover a concrete staircase. All the different wood varieties can be used: fir, exotic woods, oak and ash for the most hard-wearing staircases.

Kitchen in brushed and stained fir


For a functional and personalised kitchen, we design the layout of your fittings.


For a renovation, we can also modernise the kitchen space by changing the door façades, without changing the existing structure.


Turn your bathroom into a practical and calming space. We’ll take care of the layout. Renovating your bathroom often helps you to save space by replacing washbasins with sink consoles and by creating storage space.