Our services - Exterior

Entrance door in old wood

Front doors

For your front doors, we have a large selection of models which you can personalise to your taste (sculptures, engravings…).


We install all types of windows in new buildings but also, and more often, for renovation work. It is possible to replace old windows (damaged window panes, dried joints, failing insulation) with new ones directly on the existing framework, which makes time-consuming demolition and renovation work unnecessary.

Terraces, balconies and handrails

Usually in fir or larch, there are infinite possibilities, with a wide range of different balcony balustrades with decorative or more plain wood cut-outs and just as many ways to arrange their installation. For handrails, we use fir or red cedar (which is more weather-resistant).

Textured fir siding

Balcony in Douglas fir

We design your terraces and balconies from a wooden structure with consoles and joist work or we can also cover a concrete slab.


We generally use larch, autoclaved pine and exotic woods, which are more weather-resistant.